Data Science Consulting Services

Orion likes to take the approach of being a trusted partner to organizations
that are looking to embrace data optimization and automatization leveraging innovative technologies.

We strive to help early on in your process to understand the challenges you are facing and collaborate on what solutions are best to address those needs. Our goal is to help uncover areas of cost savings and potential new financial growth.


Moving data around, analyzing it, transforming it, and loading it into data-driven applications is something we do very frequently. Necessarily, we build ETL/ELT pipelines, stand up database servers, design ERD diagrams, and perform database administration are some of the things we do on an almost daily basis.

Incorporating AI to allow for seamless ingestion and visualization for all data types:

  • Images (Classification, Object Detection, Semantic Segmentation)
  • Audio (Classification, Speaker Diarization, Emotion Recognition, Audio Transcription)
  • Text (Classification, Named Entity, Question Answering, Sentiment Analysis)
  • Time Series (Robots, Sensors, IOT Devices)
    Classification, Segmentation, Event Recognition)
  • Multi-Domain (Dialogue Processing, OCR, Time Series with Reference)


Business intelligence is the process of turning a business’s internal and curated external data into quick insights that key decision-makers within an organization can act on. We focus more on the data that provides the intelligence. Usually, this takes the form of dashboards visualizing data, which is the easiest part of the process.


We aim to provide insight into all aspects of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science research, development, and deployment lifecycle. We are interested and comfortable engaging in consulting work nearly anywhere within this space.

From custom OCR modules to image processing, pattern matching, object detection, or AI-based solutions for commodities exchange, education and Fintech organizations, our seasoned team of Data Scientists and Machine Learning engineers have not only made our clients’ products better but also helped in implementing them with ease.

We make it a simple process for them to tie into open source platforms such as:

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