Our AVA Solutions leverage Digital Twins and AI to:

  • Help companies test and validate a product before it even
    exists in the real world. By creating a replica of the planned
    production process, a digital twin enables engineers to identify
    any process failures before the product goes into production.
  • Help engineers determine exactly when equipment needs maintenance.
    This reduces downtime and prevents equipment failure.

A Digital Twin is most commonly defined as a software representation of a physical asset, system or process designed to detect, prevent, predict, and optimize through real time analytics to deliver business value. 

 – General Electric

Data optimization

Incorporating AI to allow for seamless ingestion and visualization for all data types:

  • Images (Classification, Object Detection, Semantic Segmentation)
  • Audio (Classification, Speaker Diarization, Emotion Recognition, Audio Transcription)
  • Text (Classification, Named Entity, Question Answering, Sentiment Analysis)
  • Time Series (Robots, Sensors, IOT Devices)
    Classification, Segmentation, Event Recognition)
  • Multi-Domain (Dialogue Processing, OCR, Time Series with Reference)


Various global organizations are now leveraging the value of Enterprise Blockchain platforms to track their supply chains and automate business processes that used to require third party intervention.

Orion Innovations has supported companies with their Blockchain initiatives to be the solution to some of their challenges. We’ve been able to leverage Blockchain to help them track the ownership and assets of goods, the fractionalization ownership of Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs), digital rights and licensing, along with the tracking and distribution of oil and gas royalties.

We have expertise using the following Blockchain platforms:


From custom OCR modules to image processing, pattern matching, object detection, or AI-based solutions for commodities exchange, education and Fintech organizations, our seasoned team of Data Scientists and Machine Learning engineers have not only made our clients’ products better but also helped in implementing them with ease.

We make it a simple process for them to tie into open source platforms such as:

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