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Cryptius Corporation Merges with Orion Innovations

We are incredibly pleased to announce that Orion Innovations has acquired the Cryptius Corporation in an all stock deal. The deal comes on the heels of strong performance by Cryptius on a variety of Orion-led projects within the commercial and Defense spaces. Both Orion and Cryptius specialize in building end-to-end Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science applications in a variety of verticals. The deal was agreed to in principle by Marc Asselin, CEO of Orion Innovations, and Stephen Plainte, CEO and Data Scientist at Cryptius, and will close in the coming weeks.

“There is an incredible synergy that exists between our two companies. We realized very early on that it just made more sense to tackle large, complex projects together to deliver even more value for our commercial and government clients” said Mr. Plainte. He continued, “Additionally, Cryptius has a number of customers that would benefit greatly from this synergy, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce them to the new team.”

Mr Asselin shared a similar take on the merger, saying “From the beginning the Cryptius team has been an incredible asset and resource to us. Their corporate culture matches incredibly well with ours, and their technical skills really complement our own. We are really excited and blessed at the opportunity to integrate the Cryptius team with Orion.”

Orion was founded in 2008 by Mr. Asselin after decades of success as CTO for companies in many different verticals. Mr. Plainte founded Cryptius in May of 2021 with the goal of providing jobs to highly talented technologists that come from non-traditional backgrounds, and to serve the traditionally underserved SMB segment with advanced technology from the AI industry.

The new Orion executive team is rounded out by Mr. Asselin as CEO, Mr. Plainte as CTO, Maria Morales as COO, Patrick Mills as Chief Compliance Officer, John Riley III as VP Government Services, and Mike Phillips as VP of Commercial Services.

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