Meet our awesome team.


Marc Asselin

Founder & President of Orion Innovations

a software development consulting company working in the AI, machine learning, and blockchain technologies, & commodities markets. Marc has over 30 years in software development, architecture, and management.

In addition to Orion, Marc assists a number of companies in a CTO and/or advisor capacity, assisting in technology vision and architecture, planning, staffing and hiring.

Vertical Market Experience:
Cryptocurrencies, Fintech, Cannabis, Unmanned Vehicles, Insurance, Food tech, Commodities Exchanges for a number of industries.


John Riley III

VP of Business Services

John has over 18 years in the software application space working and has worked for enterprise organizations like Oracle and SAP. His diverse background and experiences allow him to connect with customers and establish strong relationships to understand their needs. He’s passionate about collaborating on new approaches and finding new ways to uncover the right solutions to address clients’ needs.

His passion for emerging technology has led him to become embedded in the Blockchain space. He’s spoken and presented at various Blockchain events over the past few years and run Blockchain meet-up groups.

He now focuses on:

– Consulting/Advising on what Blockchain is and where fits in organizations.
– Providing industry specific customized C-Level workshops.
– Giving digital transformation insight to help companies prepare for using Blockchain.
– Aligning with strategic partners to provide experienced support where needed.
– Educating on Blockchain case studies and Blockchain platforms.

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Brandon West

Technical Project Manager & Developer

Provide dApp and smart contract development work for both private and public blockchains.

Our primary focuses at the moment:
+ Ethereum(Solidity)
+ Corda(Kotlin)
+ EOS(C++)
+ Backend(NodeJS+many libraries)
+ Frontend(React/HTML/CSS/Javscript)

+ – a Digital Ticketing Platform on Ethereum
+ – Social Media Dapp
+ – Blockchain in space